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   Volume 8 Issue 94 | November 13, 2009 |

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Star Diary

Meaning of Childhood

The other day I went to Mirpur to meet a friend. While waiting in front of a shop, a father with his child came to the shop. The child was asking his father for ice cream, which the father bought for him. At that very moment a poor child of almost the same age, wearing torn pants appeared in front of the child and his father. When the poor child stepped forward to taste the ice cream, the child with the ice cream pushed him away. To my complete shock, the shopkeeper threw some ice from the refrigerator at that poor child and also pushed him aside. I could not help wondering how the two children were leading two different kinds of lives because of their economic and social status. At that moment I could do nothing except witnessing such a pitiable scene. I bought a packet of chips for the poor child and gave it to him. The shopkeeper who threw ice some while ago became quite amazed. The poor child looked at me and then ran away, lost in the crowd on the street. Clearly, childhood does not have any meaning for the poor, helpless child.
Joydeep Sarkar
Jahangirnagar University

Willpower and Success

A while ago, my friend and colleague Manju became a father. I, like all the others around, was very happy upon receiving the message on my phone. When I first met Manju, I noticed that his right hand was disabled because of polio. Even then, his determination and patience led him to master typing courses and several computer-training classes, after which he joined as a trainer in a social organisation. During his free time, he would also work in the institution where I work as well. He surprised everyone with his computer skills and typing speed, since he does everything with his left hand. Finally, he got a permanent job under Ansar VDP as a computer operator. As is the culture in our country, his parents then wanted Manju to get married. Manju was a little upset and apprehensive at the offer, but he still went to meet the girl his parents chose for him. He told the girl that he had come to show himself to her and not the other way around. This impressed the girl and she agreed to marry him. This proves that disability does not stop life from moving at its normal pace. All one needs is determination, patience, hard work and a little encouragement from those around.
Asif Islam
Mycomputer IT

Agencies for Education?

After coming to New Zealand for my higher studies I met a few Bangladeshi students who had also come for their higher studies. After talking to them, however, what I figured is that most students, who are having to do register for courses here, have actually done the same courses in Bangladesh, only with a different title probably. When I asked them about this, they blindly replied that they are just doing as instructed by the respective education agency they had first contacted before reaching New Zealand. Apparently, without any sort of cross checking, the students got enrolled in the same courses and only after coming here they discover their mistake. I would like to ask the Daily Star to publish a report on Education Agencies as they mislead many students while sending them abroad for higher studies.
Mohammed Hifzur Rahman
New Zealand


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