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     Volume 8 Issue 94 | November 13, 2009 |

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"Once this route is established, we could immediately start Dhaka-Thimphu direct bus service, with normal transportation."
prime minister
saying that Dhaka-Thimpu bus service is in the offing.

"In September, we applied to the Seed Certification Agency for release of the three submergence-tolerant varieties, Swarna-Sub1, BR-11-Sub1, and BR-11-Recombinant-Sub1. Once the Agency completes its field evaluations, these varieties will be officially released, hopefully this year."
principal investigator of the project of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute.
The new flood tolerant variety of rice is thought to be saving about a million tonnes of rice every year.

"Many countries of the world gave stimulus packages to different sectors to help them face the economic recession. Financial assistance was given to overcome the crises and many sectors overcame those with the assistance."
Bangladesh Nationalist Party
at the closing ceremony of Bangladesh Apparel & Textile Exposition 2009.

"Many outlaws now slip through legal loopholes unless we arrest them with any firearms or explosives. We know for sure that they are outlaws, but sometimes we cannot prove it in the court."
An Official
of Rapid Action Battalion.

"We have to face threats from the authorities and wealthy people because of our objective and independent journalism. But Prothom Alo will not give in to any threat."
Prothom Alo
which has celebrated its 11th founding anniversary last week.

Caught in his own game.

Cartoon by Tanmoy

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