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     Volume 8 Issue 99 | December 25, 2009 |

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"We are moving to the Department of Archaeology building in Agargaon by the end of this year. We have got some 8,000 square feet of space there to set up our temporary office."
chief information commissioner
The Information Commission that Rahman heads now operates from its 'temporary office' at the National Institute of Mass Communications.

"I will not deny the truth that prices of essentials often increased as the government could not monitor markets properly."
agriculture minister
and senor leader of Awami League.
She has also said, "I will not say that the government could perform all its duties properly."

"We are not being able to tackle the party's inner instability. We endured lots of sufferings and oppression in the past. People have given us an opportunity this time. We should not misuse the opportunity...Let us downplay our personal interests and work for the country."
jute and textiles Minister and Awami League leader.

"I am very satisfied, but my only regret is that I am not able to stay on for the visit of the Bangladesh prime minister next month (to India) as I am going to take my new diplomatic assignment. Now my successor who is coming here on 26th will have the honour …… and I shall surely watch with great interest from Bangkok."
outgoing Indian High Commissioner.


Cartoon by Tanmoy

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