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     Volume 9 Issue 2 | January 8, 2010|

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"We want to stay in a strong position within the ruling Awami League-led grand alliance, not in a weak position."
Jatiya Party Chairman.

"Only efforts from the Anti-Corruption Commission will not reduce corruption. Everyone including ministers must be honest in their thinking and activities. If ministers and government high-ups pledge to be honest, subordinates will definitely follow them."
Anti-corruption Commission.
He has also said, “If corruption cases remain pending for years, it will encourage the corrupt people. If at least 100 cases can be disposed of annually and this trend continues for a couple of years, nobody will dare to indulge in corruption.”

"How to ensure farmers a fair price to encourage them in production and how to provide consumers food at low price would appear as a matter of policy choice."
executive director
the Centre for Policy Dialogue.

"As close neighbours, both the countries don't have any alternatives to joining hands and working together to ensure peace and stability in the region."
newly appointed Indian High Commissioner.


Cartoon by Tanmoy

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