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   Volume 9 Issue 4 | January 22, 2010|

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Star Diary

The other day, while returning from football practice on the bus, I dozed off, when suddenly the bus bumped into a brand new Corolla DX. The driver sprang out of the car and started shouting at the driver. The fight between both the drivers was getting worse by the moment. I looked hopefully at a policeman who was sitting a few seats in front on the bus. I thought he would try to bring the situation under control; but at that moment, the policeman sighed and exclaimed, "Dhut, Bangladesh! (Darn this country!).” He then got off from the bus and walked away.
Mohammaed Jaber Islam
Manarat Dhaka International College


Student Rivalry

The other day when I was returning home on the bus and was sitting in the last row. I suddenly noticed that the bus was mostly filled with students of two colleges of Dhanmondi. They were talking between themselves when one of the boys started to speak rudely about the students of the other college. They heard that and eventually became angry with that student. They started quarrelling, eventually getting out of hand. Two men on that bus stopped the fight and calmed them down. I was relieved to see that we could return home safe and not get stuck in the middle of yet another student brawl that happen from time to time. I wonder if this is what they learn when the youngsters go to college.
Arif Khan

A Realisation

One winter morning while going to my workplace, I was stopped at a traffic signal. There I saw a foreign couple, who were briskly walking and going somewhere. Just a few metres ahead there was a rickshaw van where a young man was sitting and chatting with the others around. One man in the group saw the foreign lady and shouted out an obscene comment. The couple was oblivious to what had happened and just walked away. There were so many around who witnessed this, and clearly did not like it. However, no one said anything in protest. I went to them and asked why he had disrespected her. Eventually the others came up and asked the man as well, as to why he made the comment. The man along with his mates felt embarrassed and apologised. This proves that if one approaches and protests the wrong deeds that we witness, eventually, everyone will join in and demand a peaceful street and eventually a nation for everyone.
Mohammed Sohel Hara
Adamjee EPZ

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