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   Volume 9 Issue 6 | February 5, 2010|

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Star Diary

of the

A few days ago, a friend of mine and I were on way to a servicing shop to fix his laptop. Failing to get on a bus from Shahbag, thanks to the huge congestion and jams created by the vehicles on the street and also the long line of passengers at the stop, we decide to walk to the shop instead. When we reached Bangla Motor, we paused for a while. I asked the traffic police the way to the store. Suddenly I saw my friend, a few steps behind me, surrounded by at least six women carrying small boxes carrying snakes, demanding money. They were threatening him with the snakes, if he failed to pay up. Immediately, he took out his wallet and paid each of the women. This is nothing but blackmailing people on the streets. This kind of attack is becoming all the more notorious all over the city, and the authorities should do something about it.
Mohammad Azam Khan
University of Chittagong

Changes We Need

A while back, I had an occasion to visit my younger sister's in-law's village home at Brahmanbaria. I went there after a lapse of 5/6 years and had keen interest in the changes that took place during these years. I also visited my own village around the area. I was really amazed with all the positive changes. I found most of the people in the villages busy involved in different types of economic activities in order to enhance the living conditions of their families. Just a few years ago, many in these villages were poverty-stricken and could not afford to send their children to school. However, now, these families were concerned with their children's education and wanted them to get good results in exams. With these changes, I believe that our country can move forward ata quick pace.
Faruque Ahmed
West Rampura

An Every Day Story

A few Wednesdays ago, I was going to class and was hurrying along, since I was running late. I got on a crowded bus. As I was getting on, somebody suddenly pulled at my pocket and ran away with my cell phone. I got angry and very depressed about the pick pocketing obviously. Why do we have to go through this every day? When will we be able to travel safely in this city? I wonder when we will have a better communication method which will be fast, easy and safe so that we the students can at least concentrate on our studies properly.
Md Mahbubur Rahman
Old Dhaka

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