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   Volume 9 Issue 7 | February 12, 2010|

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Star Diary

Seats for Women

The behaviour of men towards women shows how civilised a nation is. It is really pathetic that even after having a law of reserving a few seats for women on the bus, our women travel standing while some unscrupulous men occupy their seats. The other day on my way to the office the men occupying the reserved seats were asked by an office going lady to leave the seats for the two college going girls and for her. The two men immediately left the seats but the other one was stubborn and started to argue that there were some girls sitting on the non-reserved seats. The women smartly answered that the rest of the seats were not reserved for men or women, therefore, anybody could sit there. Moreover, she said to the man, “Please do not argue with me indecently because of a seat that is rightfully for me, and if you have any problem with the law, go to the court and change it.” The man was dumbfounded and left the seat without another word. Women should raise their voices to protect their rights and the woman on the bus showed it effectively.
Tofayel Ahmed
Singer Bangladesh Limited

A Rich Fool

A while ago, I had published a novel where I wrote about the cruelty of an uneducated man who is rich and lives in London. One day when I was on campus, three policemen barged into my home, demanding to arrest me. It seems that after reading my book, one of my relatives, who lives in London thought that my character was based on him. Immediately, he sent the police after me. My younger sister who is a girl of 18, firmly spoke to the men reasoning with them that the novel was just another romance novel and had nothing to do with real life people. And in any case, the police did not have any firm proof to arrest me, since I had not directly written about anyone in specific. Even though the problem was solved later on, it is a matter of great sorrow that nobody dared to ask my relative in London why he would do something so silly and how the law could also get involved in something so frivolous.
Mohammad Hanif Sayed
International Islamic University

Ripping off
the Students

One might wonder why the government commits to something and then does not follow through on it accordingly, leaving the general people in confusion and distress. For instance, this year, the board says that it will give books free of cost to the primary and secondary educational institutions. Because of the delay, the students are collecting books from seniors or buying old books. Taking advantage of the students' requirements, the salesmen ask for absurd high prices. As a result students are forced to buy them. I'd like to request the sellers to think of the students' education instead of their own profit for a change.
Zahin Samiha
Mirpur, Dhaka

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