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    Volume 9 Issue 8 | February 19, 2010|

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Write to Mita

Dear Mita,
I have recently joined as an executive of a financial institution. There I met a woman the same age as myself with whom I quickly developed a friendship. Initially, she seemed interested in me, for which reason my own infatuation towards her grew. I thought she had fallen in love with me and I began to feel the same way as we spent some great times together. Recently, however, she has started to behave differently and does not respond to me like she used to which hurts me. I believe she used to be in a relationship in the past but when I try to talk about it she avoids it. Again, when I talk to my other female colleagues she seems jealous. I'm confused and beginning to form a bad impression about the woman. Please help me.
Confused Colleague

Dear Confused,
There could be a number of reasons for her present behaviour. Perhaps she is also confused about her feelings for you and cannot make up her mind. Having a bad impression about her is not the right attitude. If you are serious then have a talk with her. Be very direct and tell her that her present behaviour is hurting you and that you want to know her real feelings. This may help to dispel the misunderstanding between you two or both of you might discover that the relationship between you is not worth saving.

Dear Mita,
I am a student of Class 9. I have a brother who is about 24 years old and has graduated from a really well known university in the UK. Recently, the problems that I have with him are really difficult to explain to anybody. He has been pestering me ever since he got back from the UK. He wants to caress me, which I really detest and he keeps imitating my voice. These are some of the reasons for which I get into heated arguments with him. I want a brother whom I can look up to. Sometimes, I feel like crying because of the attitude that he has adopted towards me. What would you do if you were in the same predicament that I am currently facing?

Dear Ill Fated,
Your brother's behaviour is rather strange. But perhaps he is just trying to express his affections for you in an unusual fashion. Have you spoken to your parents about this? Perhaps you should convey your feelings very strongly. There is no need to get into a heated argument but tell your brother very firmly that you don't like the way he behaves and become very reserved with him, in fact tell him you will not speak to him if he does not change his behaviour. I think your parents should intervene and solve this problem.

Dear Mita,
I am a boy aged 15 as well as an examinee of S.S.C. exam, 2011. As I'm interested in studying English, I spend much of my time studying it. But this is hampering my studies as I hardly study anything else. I'm supposed to be a good student. I hope to get G.P.A. of 5 in the S.S.C. exam. However, I'm so busy studying English that I don't have time to study anything else. My parents are repeatedly asking me to give equal emphasis on every subject in order to get a GPA of 5. I'm trying to study accordingly but failing to make up my mind to do so since sometimes it seems to me that I need to spend a lot of time on English to have a good command over the language. Now I'm in a fix. Please give me some suggestions to weaken my inclination towards English

Dear J,
I honestly don't know what to advise. It seems you know the problem and also the solution. You realize that putting too much emphasis in one subject will jeopardise your chances of getting over all good grade in your SSC examinations. Just relax and do the best you can, I am sure you will do very well as you are a good and conscientious student. Please understand, English is important but not at the cost of failing in all other subjects.


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