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     Volume 9 Issue 8 | February 19, 2010|

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"By capitalising on the country's enviable geographical location--close to two emerging giants, straddling two regional blocks, and at the centre of the Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh seems predestined to become an important trading hub."
UN resident coordinator
She, however, has said, "But the weight of history and popular misperceptions have held her back.”

"We also have very good relations in the political front, also we support each other in the international platforms. Our cooperation in military field as well as our cooperation culturally is very strong. But I believe we can further grow and strengthen those existing good relations."
Turkish president.

"According to the cabinet decision no structures or institutions will bear name of illegal autocratic ruler Ziaur Rahman following the High Court verdict regarding cancellation of the Fifth Amendment."
prime minister's press secretary.

"We admit that progress in anti-corruption drive has slowed a little."
finance minister.
He has also said, "We have also said many cases are becoming weaker due to procedural weakness. A number of committees are examining the issues if there are legal loopholes.”

Cartoon by Tanmoy

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