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   Volume 9 Issue 13| March 26, 2010|

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Star Diary

The Begging Game

A few Fridays ago, I was on my way to the Press Club by bus. I noticed an old beggar on the bus as well, who was blind. He looked very honest and pious. Once the bus started to run, the beggar began to ask for alms. Because he could not see anything, the passengers took pity on him and gave him money. I also put a 5 TK coin on his palm. Surprisingly, the beggar cried out, and blessed me for the 5 TK that I gave him. It struck me strange. How did he know it was a 5 TK coin if he could not see anything?
Mohhamed Saiful Islam
Dhaka College

Driving like a Mad-person

A while ago, on my way to Notre Dame College, I saw a running car push a girl aside on the road. The girl fell down and was injured. Of course, the car fled away. Road safety has become a huge issue in the city now. We need to learn how to drive properly on a busy road, before we bring the car out to drive. My earnest request to the roads and highway authority, please look into this matter before it gets out of the hand and we get uncivilised on the roads.
Subbir Ahmed


I know of a young girl who can be described as a young prodigy. After achieving a full scholarship in class 8, she had become known in her area as one of the brightest students ever. Her teachers believe that she will also get an A + in her SSC exams. But the other day, I heard her mother talking to her teacher. It seems the girl was crying at home. A few of her neighbours were spreading stories about her not being able to get married once she grows up since she has very dark skin. The neighbours also insulted her straight. This upset her and also her mother. I was flabbergasted at this. It is clear that there are others who cannot stand the girl's success. This seems to have become our culture hitting people where they hurt most and shattering a happy moment.
Mohhamed Azam Khan
University of Chittagong

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