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    Volume 9 Issue 15| April 9, 2010|

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Star Diary

Public Property

A few days ago I was going to my relative's house after about a year. I remember it was a very peaceful place. But now it has changed completely. The whole footpath is now occupied with tea-stalls. This should not be allowed. But then again, how will they otherwise survive? Yet another example is of a playground in Uttara I had visited a few years ago. The environment of the park was very nice. But recently everything in the park is dreadful. The local people do not have any sense whatsoever and have made the park practically inaccessible for families and children thanks to their strange activities. My request to all is to be a little cautious about the use of public property in our country.
Zahin Samiha Saifullah

Chaos on the Road

Yesterday when I was waiting for the staff bus to go to office at the Mouchak intersection, I saw a rickshaw puller sitting helpless as a Prado driver was screaming at him. According to the young man, his Prado had a slight scratch on the side thanks to the rickshaw puller's rickshaw. The traffic system in our country is getting unbearable every day, even though the government is trying to implement laws. My earnest request to all, please follow traffic rules, car owners should learn to ignore the little hassles on the streets by being more patient and rickshaw pullers should also learn to drive their vehicles properly.
Subbir Ahmed
AFBL, Dhaka

For a Confident Student

A while ago, an HSC examinee was having a conversation with me. I told him that if he read and studied regularly, he would do very well in his exams. However, he told me that he did not have any confidence in his English. For some reason, this infuriated me, since the examinee belongs to a reputed institution in Chittagong. As a conscious guardian I request all the teachers who teach at private and public colleges to provide quality education so that the students can be confident about their subjects and do not feel doubtful, especially about English.


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