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    Volume 9 Issue 16| April 16, 2010|

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Star Diary

Helping the Distressed
A few days ago, my friend Badol and I were studying while sitting beside the of Oparajeyo Bangla. Meanwhile a 70-year-old disabled woman came to us and begged for alms. She also sought help to reach the Dhaka University mosque gate so that she could get more alms. Badol helped that woman on a rickshaw and gave the fare to the rickshaw puller as well. I thought that it was a wonderful act on my friend's part. It is very appalling that the young generation is apathetic towards the suffering of the impoverished and disabled. What goes around comes around; the day is not far when everyone will feel the distress of the deprived and the disabled. Along with that I think we should also create a platform where the disabled poor won't have to beg anymore and will be able to survive on their own.
Umme Farhana Haque
University of Dhaka

Teaching at Home
I live in Chittagong and I am a student of Class 7. We live in a joint family with my mother, father, grandmother, uncle, aunt and a cousin. Every day when I return from classes, I see my aunt scolding the maid using abusive language. This has become a daily routine. Watching her, my little cousin (her child) also talks to the maid using harsh language. I feel very bad. Is it fair to let the younger ones learn such ruthlessness from their elders?
Shafeen Mahmood
Little Jewels School, Chittagong

The Priviledged
The other day I was waiting to get on the bus to come home in Farmgate. Suddenly I heard the sound of a siren. I thought it was an ambulance, but it was of a police van giving security to a huge Saudia Mercedez Benz, which at that time was carrying the national cricket team of England. What amazed me was that there was an ambulance belonging to Square Hospital somewhere in the traffic jam. I am sure that one day ambulances and medical emergencies will receive similar treatment on the traffic filled streets, the kind given to the Prime Minister or President?
Nadir Shah Nadim
University of Dhaka, Dhaka


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