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     Volume 9 Issue 17| April 23, 2010|

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"Once the service is launched, anybody from the adjacent districts will be able to come to the capital for work and return home on the same day after the day's work."
prime minister
saying her government plans to launch commuter train to and from districts around Dhaka.

"Many people are joining us due to their resentment for BNP candidate Major (retd) Hafiz. I don't know whether any controversial person joined Awami League taking this chance."
Awami League leader
about Golam Mowla, who was detained in 1972 under Bangladesh Collaborators (Special Tribunal) Order, 1972 on charge of collaborating with Pakistani occupying forces during the Liberation War. Mowla recently joined the Awami League.
He has also said, "I will ask our leaders to enquire into the matter. He [Mowla] will be ousted from the party if the allegation proves to be true."

"They are filing cases against those who talk about the corruption, misdeeds and killings of the government. But I want to inform them that we have all documents [of their own corruption]."
former prime minister and chairperson, Bangladesh Nationalist Party.
She has also said, "Cases will be filed one after another against them too. They will have to stay on the court premises round the clock. But we will not file false cases."

"The buildings will have solar power apart from normal electricity supply. We also plan to provide the facility of rain harvesting."
about the new flats that Rajuk wants to build.


Cartoon by Tanmoy


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