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    Volume 9 Issue 19| May 7, 2010|

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I am not worried at all, about us, that is


There is a lot of talk in our living rooms, bedrooms, tea shops, buses, trains, street... about how our parliamentarians ought to behave like honourable citizens if we were to attain the status of a developed nation, niden pokkhe that of a Western state, and so back and forth. That does sadden you, until of course you have a glimpse of what really is going on in some parliaments/congress/ assemblies/chambers. No wonder we are not that keen to reach that sort of civilisation; ours is even good for health, this walking in and out of the Sangsad Bhaban keeps a politician healthy, wealthy, and wise.

I wonder if they are all actors making up a mock fight in a make-belief parliament for a photo shoot (oops!), but they look as real as snapshots out of life.


The pictures below were sent in by friends, and I could not help but share them with those of you who do not have such friends with a political sense of humour.

This was surely not an attempt to give new ideas to our politicians; they have enough to keep our journalists busy. It is an illustration of how well we are doing and that there is not really anything to worry about. Let the world go to the dogs, if it were!

South Korea

The author is not responsible for the future behaviour of any parliamentarian, congress person, assembly member, whatever, anywhere in the world for their individual or collective behaviour as a sequel to the above graphical presentation.


Politicians should not try this at the parliament; at their home they have a superior counterpart, so not to worry.


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