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    Volume 9 Issue 25| June 18, 2010|

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Photo Feature

Lives Burnt Forever

Zahedul I Khan

1. Zarina Begum lost many of her family members and all her possessions in the fire.
2. Shell-shocked children walk by the ruin that was once their neighbourhood.
3. Trees were scorched as the fire raged on, seeking out more lives to put out.
4. Nizamuddin, a local volunteer, says he retrieved 80 corpses from the debris during rescue operations.
5. A survivor who lost many loved ones, looks at the bleak scene of the charred buildings.


6. Burnt utensils of a kitchen of the dead residents.
7. Weeks after the horrific Nimtoli fire, survivors, especially the children, are haunted by the lingering smell of death and destruction.
8. A senior citizen stares vacantly. His son, a shopkeeper and the family's only breadwinner, perished in the fire.
9. A morbid homecoming.


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