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     Volume 9 Issue 25| June 18, 2010|

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" Unidentified persons undressed Mahmudur Rahman, and beat him indiscriminately in custody."

former prime minister
alleging that acting-editor of Amar Desh Mahmudur Rahman was tortured.
She has also urged the law enforcing agencies to behave themselves: “The consequence will not be good. Don't violate the law. Remember, no government is the final government. Otherwise what is happening to Mahmudur Rahman now, might happen to anyone."

"Nowadays the mothers usually have one or two babies. So I think if they are given six months leave, it will not hamper anything. "
prime minister
saying maternity leave should be increased to six months.

" We want the capital market to run well, but at the same time the government should also gain something from this market."
finance minister.

" We cannot go for appeal against any decision taken by BTRC. This seems unconstitutional. "
Oddvar Hesjedal
chief executive officer of Grameenphone
about an amendment of the telecom law.
"Under the law, there is a possibility that the regulator may claim that the operator is involved in any wrongdoing," he has said.

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