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    Volume 9 Issue 28| July 9, 2010|

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Star Diary

A Gentleman Indeed

The other day I was walking on the pavement to my destination, Zinda-bazar in Sylhet. A gentleman wearing a tie got down from a rickshaw just beside me. Within moments the gentleman and the rickshaw puller got into an argument over the rickshaw fare. They were probably bargaining for 2 or 5 takas only. At one point the so-called gentleman started to push the rickshaw puller. In response the rickshaw puller caught him by the tie and began to scream. What a humiliating scene! Do these things happen in a civilised country?
N.A. Rasel
Shahjalal University of Science & Technology

Growing Up

I do not like the tendency of people making sarcastic gestures or comments in the middle of serious discussions. I have noticed this practice more often among people, whom I presume to be mature or in other words -- grown up. A few days ago, I was going somewhere by rickshaw. The traffic jam and the muggy weather made me all grumpy. I asked my rickshaw puller to pull up the rickshaw hood. Because of the heat, the traffic jam or some other reason, the rickshaw puller was also in a grumpy mood. He, pulling up the hood, commented, "Girls always ask to pull up the hood, why do you?” I could've been furious at that man for saying such a thing and screamed at him, but instead I laughed. I told him, “These days everything has changed. Can't you see that there are so many girls looking at me? I feel shy." Sarcasm is now my favourite route out of a stressed-out atmosphere.

Argentina vs Brazil

When it is the World Cup season, we seem to forget our identity. We become either Argentina or Brazil. One of my friends sent me a Facebook request as a friend. Because I could not recognise him, I sent him a message asking who he was. He replied that he was Brazil! It was like a sign and immediately I understood who he was. I am an Argentina fan. Whenever we watch football, my Brazilian supporter-friends give me a missed call for every goal! This is the beauty of the World Cup. It makes us happy and should stay this way all the time.
Rashedul Haider

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