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    Volume 9 Issue 32| August 6, 2010|

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Star Diary

Decaying Young Minds

A few weeks ago, one of my relatives had gone to a nearby shopping mall. After getting done with her shopping, she stepped out and was looking for a rickshaw to go home. As there were no rickshaws in front of the mall, she started to walk ahead to look for one. Suddenly, she heard some malicious remarks thrown at her by some young people who were loitering about on the streets. She was utterly surprised and shaken! It is simply because that those who were teasing her with nasty words were the students of Class 12 of a reputed college in Pabna. She could not understand why or how these boys could make such spiteful remarks so openly about an elderly person on the streets. This attitude shows how perverted our teenagers have become.
Ashim Kumar Paul
Edward College

A Doctor Or A Dacoit

A few days ago I went with my mother to the doctor for a check up. The doctor ran a battery of tests. According to the doctor's results, my mother needed a surgery for a tumour. She (the doctor) suggested that we do this in her private clinic situated in Chittagong, which, she assured us, would cost not more than 20,000 takas. After completing the surgery, she wanted more than what she had promised she would take and this was not possible for my family. If this is how things operate in the medicine and the health scene, in our country, how will people get proper treatment?
Mohammed Fazlul Karim (Tutul)
Chittagong University

In Bangladesh

It was a beautiful, breezy, summer afternoon. I was on my way home after a tiring day at the coaching classes. All of a sudden, three muggers came charging at me with arms in their hands and tried to snatch away my cell phone and wallet. Finding myself to be quite helpless, I gave all that they wanted from me. However, they did return my SIM card to me. As they ran away from the scene I saw many people of different ages watching the whole incident and they did not even think of coming to help me. It made me wonder if I am still living in a civilised country.
Choudhury Tausif
Purana Paltan, Dhaka


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