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    Volume 9 Issue 33| August 13 , 2010|

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Star Diary

The Neglected

Dhaka is a crazy city. The traffic, the pollution, the mosquitoes -- everything makes it difficult to live in. But if there is anyone or anything in direr straits than the people of the city, it's the animals. One just has to look around to see the famished dogs and cats, their skeletons protruding through their skin. Not only are they underfed and neglected, but they are even abused. People randomly kick dogs, throw stones at them, torture cats and even birds and insects. Even people with pets sometimes neglect them, failing to wash them regularly and sometimes even forgetting to feed them. Animals at the zoo, too, are dying regularly from neglect and poor facilities. My brother owns a dog that he takes really good care of, so much so that she is like a member of the family. The human-ness of her emotions is palpable, from the way she behaves with the family, sharing in our moments of joy as well as sadness. She is currently unwell and my brother is doing everything to help her recover. It would help if there were good veterinary doctors and clinics in the country. I know the argument will be that, in a place where it is difficult for even human beings to get by, animals are not a priority. But not only are animals an important part of nature, but they can also be an important part of our lives, giving us love, companionship and comfort, especially if we give it to them first. It is important for people to realise that they aren't the only valuable beings on the planet and that animals too make a difference and should be treated well.
Gulshan 2, Dhaka

Happy Little Boy

One day while I was playing in the common area of our college, a tiny tokai (street urchin) boy came to me and asked for money. The boy was looking hungry. I reached into my pocket for my wallet and realised I had forgotten to bring my moneybag. After a short while, when I put my hand in my shirt pocket I found a five Taka note there. I tried to find the boy at once. However, it was too late and he was nowhere to be found.
A few days later, as I was walking by a place where a wedding ceremony was in full swing, I saw the same little boy picking through the garbage trying to salvage food and sweets that were being disposed by the wedding party. Stray dogs and crows surrounded him.
The scene had shocked me so much I could not even call him. It filled me with sadness and I still cannot get the image out of my head.
F A Hamid
New Govt Degree College

Our Responsible Authorities!

Last week, I had gone to a masjid to perform my jumma prayers. Once the prayer started the electricity went out.
As the day was unbearably hot, staying inside the masjid became almost impossible and we had to complete our prayers as quickly as possible.
This made me think about how during the World Cup the authorities ensured minimum load shedding so we could watch the games uninterrupted at the cost of losing millions. They shut down factories and stores on the pretext of saving electricity. However, when we need it for important things such as for public examinations (H.S.C. and S.S.C.) and for our Friday morning prayers, our authorities turn a blind eye and let us suffer. Does this mean they have their priorities so mixed up they give more importance to a football game than to education and the development of our country?
M D Mazharul Islam
Kashiful Uloom Madrasa


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