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    Volume 9 Issue 36| September 03 , 2010|

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Star Diary

Receding Creative Dreams

It was a sun-drenched day when I had gone to Rajshahi University to meet my friends. Since they were yet to come, I decided to walk around the campus. While wandering about the green campus, I saw some people selling books under the trees. Meanwhile, a school-teacher, came there and asked “Is there any Srijonsheel (Creative System) model questions' guide-book on Bangla 1st paper for class seven?” The book-seller smiled and pointed at one of the displayed books which, he claimed, would be a very good guide for making question papers! This very frustrating picture really made me sad. Though the teachers are expected to make the question papers on their own, many of them feel inclined to follow guide-books instead. And if a teacher chooses the guide-books to make the question papers, why will the students not do the same?

Ashim Kumar Paul
Govt Edward College

Beyond the Veil

I visited my cousin in Uttara some time back to have a first look at her newborn nephew. When I saw her flinch as two hermaphrodites, community known as ‘hijras’ had just passed by, I asked what was wrong, I received a shocking revelation. People living in Uttara and Nikunja have had to experience the horrifying effects of a tradition. Once, in an apartment at Uttara, a group of hermaphrodites rushed in. Upon being stopped by the security guard they banged his head with a block of wood. Later they raided the home of the newborn, demanding Tk 10,000. At first the mother refused, knowing the sum was beyond her means. But after being threatened constantly she rushed to collect the amount in fear. They left with the money; they didn't sing, dance or bless the baby as per tradition.

It's time we started to raise our voice against all wrongdoings. The birth of a child is a happy occasion. One is free to distribute gifts and money among the needy. But to be forced to pay a hefty sum against one's will is certainly inappropriate. We should not let ourselves fall victim to such activities no matter how they may be veiled in traditions.

Samirah Bint Zulfiqar

A Pathetic Mishap

Last month I was coming to Sylhet from Comilla by train (Paharika). Everything was going well that day but suddenly a stone flew through the window and hit a teenage boy sitting next to me. Two of his front teeth fell on the spot and his mouth was bleeding. His mother became bewildered and could hardly speak. I observed that a group of slum boys were playing just beside the rail line. I don't know whether it was a game or an accident. I urge the railway authority to take necessary steps to check such mishaps as well as to keep a mobile medical team on the train to give primary treatment to the wounded. Otherwise the condition may turn serious.

N A Rasel
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology



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