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     Volume 9 Issue 36| September 03, 2010 |


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Photo Feature

Eid Shopping Mania in Mirpur

Zahedul I Khan

With Dhaka traffic as bad as it is, especially the closer Eid gets, the smartest thing to do (besides buying Bangladeshi, always, of course) is to shop locally. Why take the pain of going from one end of Dhaka to the other if you can get it minus all the frustration? Mirpur dwellers have formed their own shoppers' world in which designers, sellers and buyers are all located in Mirpur. Except for a handful of stores, which have a collection of foreign items, most of the goods are not only deshi but local. Saris and shalwar kameezes for women, men's and children's outfits are all available at an affordable range, with similar items pricier in other areas. So this Eid, go local, explore your own area, and find the best buys close to home.


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