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     Volume 9 Issue 36| September 03, 2010|

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If any officer is accused of corruption or known to be a sympathiser of the opposition in parliament, he is immediately kicked out of his office and made an OSD."
about the OSD system in the bureaucratic arena.

"She threatened to punish government officials who will sign in the electricity generation projects if she took over power again. This proves that she actually does not want the crisis to end."
joint general secretary of Awami League
about Khaleda Zia's plan to bring out movement against the government after Eid.

"Sir [Ershad] met the prime minister to know if the government would initiate any legal proceedings against him."
about Jatiya Party Chairman HM Ershad's visit to Prime Minister Sheikh in the wake of the August 26 High Court verdict declaring his military regime illegal.

"We are not authorised to check fitness of vessels. From our working experience, we can tell whether a vessel is fit or not. A number of unfit vessels are brought here for repair. "
general manager of Comilla Ship Builders
about faulty and unfit vessels being repaired in dockyards to carry passengers on different routes ahead of Eid-ul-Fitr

"You'll find there's only a few players who are genuine and who are actually here for the love of the game, and there's not many believe me. A lot of them are just looking for money, women and food."
the bookie
about his claim of bribing Pakistani cricketers for bowling no balls in a sting operation by a British tabloid.



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