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    Volume 9 Issue 37| September 17 , 2010|

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Star Diary

Freedom can be Dangerous

Last week I was going to my friend's when suddenly I witnessed a pathetic scene. As I reached Fuller road opposite the British Council, I saw a car, which seemed like it was being driven by a madman, heading towards us. Since it was a Friday afternoon the roads were empty. The car took a sharp turn and just missed our rickshaw by inches. I noticed as they drove by that the driver and other occupants were teenagers. Sadly enough another person on bike behind us took a sharp turn to prevent a collision, could not keep his balance and fell from the bike. The rickshaw puller and I got down to help the injured man. The biker was seriously injured but the young driver and his passengers did not even bother to stop to help. The injured man parked his bike and took a rickshaw to Dhaka Medical College. We must prevent our young generation from driving rashly.

Hasin bin Hanif

Yet Another Robbery

Last week, my friend and I had to return home to Dhanmondi from Uttara at around ten thirty at night. We decided it would be easiest to take a cab. It was raining pretty hard and at one point our cab driver claimed his windshield wipers were not working and he would have to stop his cab to wash his windshield for better visibility. We were a little surprised at first, but agreed to let him stop the cab. He washed the windshield, but when he was done, he made a big fuss about losing something and claimed he had to look for it in the trunk of the car. We waited a while, but as soon as we were about to get out to look for him, two men got into the front seats and demanded all our money and valuables, claiming they would shoot us if we didn't comply. We handed them everything and were allowed to get out of the cab relieved that we were unharmed. We reported the incident, but so far nothing has come out of it. This was the second time I was robbed in two months which is extremely disturbing. I would like to see something being done about the increase in the city's crime rate as soon as possible.

Dhanmondi, Dhak


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