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     Volume 9 Issue 38| October 01, 2010 |

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“I have asked the officers about the news reports on the meeting and their sobbing. They told me that nothing like that had happened.”
Prime minister's adviser
about media report on Thursday's view exchange between administration officers of Pabna and different professionals on September 17 attacks on government officials..

“The Games shouldn't have been awarded to Delhi in hindsight.”
Australian Olympic Committee president
About India's preparations for the Commonwealth Games that has been marred by construction delays, corruption scandals, a dengue fever outbreak, the collapse of a footbridge near the main stadium and security fears

“Like me, everybody gave money. I spent Tk 2.20 lakh to collect the necessary papers. Many of them spent up to Tk 10 lakh. We together gave Tk 1 lakh to our counsel on each date of hearing of our case. I spent a total of Tk 5.20 lakh to get appointed as sub-registrar.”
a sub-register
about his submitting fake appointment and release letters of Mujibnagar government to be absorbed into the government services

“The editor of Prothom Alo visited me. Nothing that calls for apology has happened. I do not know anything about these.”
prime minister
when asked about Prothom Alo editor’s apology to the prime at the press conference with Bengali news media at New York.

“We provided the army with uniforms and boots not so that they kill their own fellow countrymen, kill Nawab Sahib [Bugti] and Benazir Bhutto.”
about the Pakistan army's role at political assassination at a news conference in the city of Quetta.

Political Lesson: Fighting within the party is the first pillar of its failure.


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