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     Volume 9 Issue 39| October 08, 2010 |

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Star Diary

The Power is Yours

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During the past few days, while going to my coaching I have seen many labourers planting trees on the newly built divider of Satmasjid road. I felt really happy looking at people who work instead of talk. The fact of global warming is not hidden from us anymore so why are not we acting against it?

Planting one single tree may not extend the world lifespan to a great extent but if we all unite and work together and even if the lifespan increases to a little extent we will be proud to say that it is the result of our ardent labour. So to those who are reading this, I urge them to plant a tree not every day or week but at least try to plant once a month. We can make a difference and make a contribution to realising Captain Planet's dream, i.e. bring pollution to zero.

Danish Ahmed
Summerfield International School.

One evening, my cousin was busy chatting with her family-members. As she stays far away from her house for educational purposes, she hardly ever gets the opportunity to spend quality time with her family. Recently she recieved an unsolicited phone call. Since some of her relatives often call from unknown numbers, she received the call promptly.

However, the dialer was neither a relative nor anyone familiar. The caller had apparently collected the number from facebook and wanted to be her friend. He also informed to the shock of my cousin that he knew everything about her family, which he actually did. My cousin was utterly flabbergasted at this information. Also she did not have any Facebook account. The following morning, she faced a similar experience from another caller who also said that she got her information from Facebook.

As it is possible to create fake accounts in facebook, she requested me to check out the truth. However, while surfing the Internet, I found no account in her name. I comforted her that it was a new way of pestering girls. At that time, I was surprised and amused to discover the tech-based shrewdness of our young people. If only these they applied their innovative talent for more positive purposes!

Ashim Kumar Paul
Government Edward College

Where do they play?

The other day I was taking an evening stroll on the street beside my house. Some children were playing cricket in the streets. A young man dressed in a suit with a briefcase in his hand was walking past them. Suddenly the ball brushed his shirt.

The man got so furious with the boys that he started yelling at them, shouting that they had no right to play on the streets putting pedestrians' lives at risk. The children were dumbfounded.

When they finally gathered their courage, they apologised to the man, and requested him to give them their ball back. Instead of accepting the apologies, as a gentleman should have, the man threw the ball on the ground and trampled it with his shoes.

The kids were stunned at the behaviour as they watched the bully leave the scene. I stood there thinking where would these children play as there are no parks available for their recreation-their basic right to grow and develop mentally and physically.

The man must have been right at some point, but that can never support his rude behaviour of crushing the ball-which was the only source of entertainment of these poor helpless kids.

Naome Syed
Mohammadpur, Dhaka


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