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         Volume 10 |Issue 02 | January 14, 2011 |

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Star Diary

Transport Problems

Photo: Zahedul I Khan

The other day, I was returning home to Bashundhara residential area from Mohakhali. Well, as it was late at night, all the bus counters were closed (the counters close by 9 pm) and I had to look for a local bus. Local buses to my destination were very much available. But unfortunately, they were packed with passengers.

There were some brave souls who hopped into the bus even before it stopped and travelled merely by hanging onto the bus door, one foot dangling in air and the other stepping on the pedestal. Seeing the horrific display, I didn't even try to get on those buses. Then, a relatively less crowded bus came and stopped. Within the twinkling of an eye, numerous people crowded in front of the bus door and literally started to fight with each other to get on the bus! I was running late and had to get on that bus, so I also joined the 'mob'. Well, being a woman didn't help me either. Regardless of one's gender, one is bound to get hit, pushed, stepped over to get on that bus!

Exhausted and out of breath, I managed to put my thoughts together and ponder over what had happened few minutes ago. It is high time that concerned stakeholders implement a solution to ease our solutions.

Rasheeda Ihtesham
Bashundhara, Dhaka

Stupid Falls

A few days ago, I was sitting on a coffee table at my office space. Suddenly, the top of the table broke loose and I hit the floor badly; in fact, my x-ray report showed that my tailbone bent a bit. Though I was going through a severe backache, the incident didn't surprise me. Having these serious accidents due to my lack of observation or carefulness.

When I was young, I stood on a glass trolley to switch off the AC; the trolley broke into pieces and I fell down. Though miraculously I didn't even get a scratch, I wish I were injured because my parents carpeted me with angry remarks for the accident. I still wonder how I could even think of doing something so stupid and risky! Not surprisingly instead being sympathetic, my parents had rebuked me.

Not learning from my mistakes, a few years later I tried fixing a light bulb standing on a revolving chair. As usual, I slipped off, fell on the ground and fractured my pelvic bone. I know this series of events is entirely my fault, but I prefer thinking of it as a jinx just for the sake of having some fun out of it. But I am writing these rather embarrassing incidents of my life so that people become more aware of the careless mistakes we make every now and then which can basically result in serious physical injury.

Taasha Khareen


It was a Friday evening when I was looking for a rickshaw to go to a friend's house but couldn't find one. So, I decided to keep walking until I found the transportation and in the meantime I made a call to my friend to inform him that I would be a little late. While I was talking on the phone, a motorbike was approaching from the other direction. As it drew nearer, one of the two riders suddenly snatched away my cell-phone. The scene must have been reminiscent of a hawk snatching its prey and escaping.

I was just dumbfounded and stood still for some time. There was nothing I could do. However, my friends were of the opinion that this happened because I was a fool for being so unmindful.

Although I have heard about many different techniques of hijacking, this was completely novel to me. I have a hunch that in future, these criminals will discover other novel techniques for achieving their objectives. My advice to the readers is that one should be careful when using mobile phones in the streets.

MD Mazharul Islam
Kasshiful Uloom Madrasa
Madhupor, Tangail

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