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   Volume 10 |Issue 07| February 18, 2011 |

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"Then it must be a genie who has killed the girl."
High Court Judge
about civil surgeon Golam Sarwar's comments that Hena who died 34 hours later was 'completely healthy' at the time of her release.

"Welcome to the land of farmer."
BCB hoarding
A beautification attempt depicting farmers carrying sacks of potato with a barren field and a polluted pond in the background.

"Is it a matter of love that a row has taken place between lovers and now one lover needs to sweet talk the other to resolve matters?"
Noted columnist and historian
about opposition's continuous parliament boycott and government's plea to the opposition to join the house.

"The government's failure has created such a situation in the country that might trigger protests like Egypt."
BNP standing committee member
about the country's present situation.

"We expect from a future Egyptian government that treaties with Israel will be honoured and that Israel's security will be guaranteed."
German Chancellor
about her primary expectations from a post Mubarak government.

"The statesmen of this country (USA) aim to seize the revolution of the Egyptians and nip it in the bud."
Iranian speaker of the Parliament
about how USA is trying to hijack the revolution in the interests of Israel.



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