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            Volume 10 |Issue 08 | February 25, 2011 |


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Star Diary

Shabash Bangladesh!

Having watched the ICC World Cup Inauguration Ceremony at Bangabandhu stadium, the one feeling that overwhelmed all of us was the absolute pride of being Bangladeshis. Every bit of the programme was planned and executed with perfection. The rickshaw-entrance of the team captains was unique and encapsulated the regional spirit. Virtual cricket and LED kites were spectacular additions to the occasion. The Indian and Sri-Lankan presentations were well coordinated and the performance of Bryan Adams made it a truly global event. Amid the splendid lighting, fireworks and laser beams, if there was anything that stole the show, it was the superb documentary on Bangladesh which reaffirmed the brand “Beautiful Bangladesh” and the wonderful statement “Welcome to the school of Life!” The fabulous presentation from Bangladesh touched on the history and cultural richness of the land and our hearts swelled with pride. Quite frankly, though we all were a little sceptical whether Bangladesh could handle the mega event, I would like to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude and heartiest felicitations to all the people who put their brains together to pull off this stunning event coupled with the amazing portrayal of Bangladesh. In cricketing terms, it was a perfect googly that bamboozled the whole world with this spectacle. Now if our cricket team can equally contribute to this extravaganza, this World Cup will be truly a memorable one for the nation!

Tasnim Jara
Viqarunnisa Noon College, Dhaka

World Cup Sickness

Photo: Star File

Starting from last week, all beggars and street vendors have been barred for carrying out their jobs in the streets to present a clean image to foreigners. Last Friday, I saw a group of policemen kicking down all the shops in Shantinagar area which were on the streets. Many poor shopkeepers also had their products confiscated, mainly cigarettes which no doubt, the police will be devouring once they take their 'catch' to the police station. They also kicked down many shops shouting obscene language which they are apparently very skilled in.

I wondered what impression a foreigner would have of our country if s/ he saw a few foul-mouthed cops knocking down a poor street vendor's shop to give them a 'green and clean' image of Dhaka. How would they feel to know that these acts were being done with the intention of creating a 'good image of the country' because of the World Cup?

Eskaton, Dhaka

Social Disorder and Blind Administration

A few days ago in Shariatpur a girl named 'Hena' was raped by one of her neighbours. The village court gave the verdict to give 200 lashes to the convict and 100 lashes to the victim. They claimed both the victim and the perpetrator were guilty, so they gave both of them the punishment. When the punishment was implemented, the girl became senseless and afterwards she died.

The event clearly demonstrates that the state cannot protect victims of rape. On February 5, an outrageous rape of a girl before her parents occurred in Natore. The father said in tearing eyes that it would be better to kill his daughter because he could not bear the humiliation. I cannot understand why our social structure is like this that it is the fault of the victims when they have to face a heinous crime like rape.

Md Mahi Uddin
SUST, Sylhet

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