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         Volume 10 |Issue 09| March 04, 2011 |


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"Not that all would like to come home. Because, once they return they would not be able to go back to that country with jobs for which they already spent quite a good sum."
Expatriates' Welfare Secretary
about evacuation of stranded Bangladeshi workers in troubled Libya.

"The whole economy will be affected because of this anti-industry step. We are great cricket fans, but that does not mean that we shall shut factories just to watch World Cup matches."
BGMEA President
about government's order to shut down factories during the cricket World Cup matches

"It's al-Qaeda. It's not my people. They came from outside. It's al-Qaeda, they went into military bases and seized arms and they're terrorising the people. The people who had the weapons were youngsters. They're starting to lay down their weapons now, as the drugs al-Qaeda gave them wear off."
Libyan leader
about the demonstrators who are protesting in the streets of Libya.

"Who can say for sure we would have done well batting first? They [Bangladesh cricket team] could have been bowled out for 170 to 180 runs. So, Shakib's decision in my view was right."
Prime Minister
about criticism that Shakib Al Hasan should not have opted to field first in the World Cup match against India

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