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       Volume 10 |Issue 12 | March 25, 2011 |


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"I've close personal and social relations with him. I've met him on and off ever since he first arrived in Bangladesh and I continue to meet him whenever necessary for both social and work related matters."
prime minister's adviser
about his visit to US Ambassador James Moriarty when Wikileaks alleged Gowher of informing the Ambassador about sabotaging the premier's India visit.

'Acknowledging his contribution, the government wants to honour him. He can stay as an emeritus fellow at the bank."
Finance Minister
about Dr Mohammad Yunus, who the government has removed from his Chairmanship at Grameen Bank.

"Every time they use unparliamentary words, I expunge those. But it looks indecent to frequently expunge [words from lawmakers' speeches]. As if, being the speaker, it is my only duty to expunge unparliamentary words."
about parliament members' use of abusive, indecent and aggressive words to attack the opponent during parliamentary sessions.

"America, France, or Britain, the Christians that are in a pact against us today, they will not enjoy our oil ... You are aggressors, you are animals."
Libyan leader
about the multi-national action against Gaddafi's forces under a United Nations Security Council resolution authorising a no-fly zone.

"The world should try and find out how many of the 40-odd people killed in the drone attack were members of al-Qaeda."
Pakistani tribal leaders
about US drone attacks near the Pakistani- Afghan border

"In the traditional conduct of war and that's the punchline here, this is a war, you asked the question 'Aren't these assassinations?'. No they're not assassinations."
Former director of CIA General
about the drone (pilotless aircraft) attacks, a CIA programme against al-Quaeda.

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