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          Volume 10 |Issue 15 | April 16, 2011 |


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Star Diary

No More Tears!

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With high expectation and great optimism, Bangladeshi cricket fans dreamt of the success of the Bangladeshi cricket team in the grand ICC Cricket World Cup tournament. But their exit from the group stage shattered the dreams, broke the hearts, and caused the stream of tears. Like all the fans, my heart was also cracked with sting and despair. But a flow of deliberation geared me up for being hopeful and proud as well!

Along with two other Asian cricket giants: India and Sri Lanka, Bangladesh boasted of hosting eight matches with organising the magnificent opening ceremony of the Cricket World Cup on its home-ground. It was a great opportunity for Bangladesh to uphold its culture and tradition before the world and we did it. Thus, displaying the picturesque illustration of our culture, heritage and traditional values arrested the appreciation of the viewers around the globe. Similarly, the beefed up security measures also made the event comfortable and secured.

Despite the disgraceful defeats, Tigers won against England, one of the trophy winning expectant teams, and other two teams. Two hosting cities were embellished with festive look and full of sporting fragrance. The grand festive buzz celebrated with ardent enthusiasm brought about the name and fame to our nation. In fact, it would not be exaggerated to say that we have earned much more for ourselves and for our loving country than what we have lost. So, it is time to embrace the achievements and let go of the failures and sorrow!

Ashim Kumar Paul
Government Edward College, Pabna

A Lucky Escape

The other day while waiting at the signal at Bijoy Sarani, a traffic police came towards me and told me to see the traffic sergeant. My brother who was at the passenger seat wearing helmet told me that they would have a case filed against for not wearing a helmet while riding the bike. As I went to the traffic sergeant he politely told me to wear the helmet and give the cap, which I was wearing, to my brother. I did not take any chances and in a couple of seconds I took the helmet from my brother, wore it and started my journey. On the way, my brother told me that I was very lucky and really had a great escape since there is a law that both bike riders need to wear helmet while riding and the sergeant was kind enough to let me go easily. After that lucky escape I vowed that I'd try to wear the helmet in every situation while riding a bike, no matter what.

Mohammed Hifzur Rahman

Pakistan Zindabad? Really?

During the ICC World Cup 2011, I had the chance to watch the West Indies vs. Pakistan match in Dhaka and so I went. I myself was supporting Pakistan, mostly because West Indies had got Bangladesh all out for 58 in an earlier match. Most of the gallery was filled with Pakistani cricket fans wearing Pakistani jersey, waving Pakistani flag, tattooed Pakistani flags over their faces and bodies.

The waving flag bothered me a little because, call me traditional, I found it offensive to our freedom fighters and the spirit of our Liberation War in 1971 because we had fought to get that flag down, as that Pakistani flag was a symbol of oppression to the Bangladeshis. Still, I tried to convince myself by thinking that it's just a match and those young souls were just overly excited by the magnitude of the event. But suddenly, a group of young men started chanting 'Pakistan Zindabad'. And those were not Pakistani men, they were Bangladeshis. Supporting a team is one thing, but forgetting a nation’s history and self-esteem is another. I felt ashamed to be part of that crowd at that moment. I felt sorry for our forefathers who were killed for not saying 'Pakistan Zindabad' and for chanting 'Joy Bangla'.

Koilash Ahmed
Mirpur, Dhaka

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