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      Volume 10 |Issue 16 | April 22, 2011 |


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Dhaka Diary

Shrewd and Bold Theft

The other day I went to a bank to deposit my tuition fee for the coming semester. Things were going fine and smooth though there was a lot of rush on the deposit counter as it was 1 pm, the peak hour for the banking sector. Therefore we were asked to wait for our turn. After waiting for half an hour suddenly a man came running to the branch manager and said that Tk. 2 lac got stolen from his bag when he came to deposit money. Immediately CC camera was played to find out what had happened. We all were shocked to see that, when the victim was writing his deposit slip, three men came and surrounded his bag where he kept money and one of them took out a blade and made a hole in the bag, took the money out and got away. The police was called immediately and was given a copy of the video taken from the CC camera. Although almost all the financial institutions have a high level of security, the crime rate is increasing at a rapid pace and showing the human superiority over the high level modern security system.

Rahim A Sajwani
North South University

The Former Prime Minister's Homecoming

Though traffic jams have become sort of a part of our regular lives, on Sunday April 3rd, I was stuck in a traffic jam that seemed to last forever. I was on the Airport road, returning home from school. Being an O level candidate, I had after school tuitions and one of my mock examinations was also to be held that day. After being stuck at the same road for nearly 4 hours I reached home at 7 pm, the journey which usually takes me less than 45 minutes on a regular day. Later that night I found out that all the roads were closed as our former prime minister was coming home from abroad. Because of one person thousands of people had to suffer. It is a pity that our political leaders do not understand how much problem they sometimes create for us general people for silly reasons like home-coming.

Dil Anges Haider
Gulshan 1, Dhaka

Unfair Fare

Photo: Zahedul I Khan

Riding vehicles often creates some bitter or repellent experiences especially if you are on the move via public transport. I too had to confront such a repulsive experience a few months ago. My masi (aunty) and I went to Dhaka via rail-transport with a view to visit her son who is a residential college student in Dhaka.

After stepping out of the railway station, I was looking for a CNG-run autorickshaw at its premises. I congratulated myself on being fortunate enough to catch one within a short moment. But the triumphant feeling did not take much time to be evaporated when we reached our destination. When I paid off the fare that appeared on the metre, the driver insisted on receiving an extra twenty taka from me. The more I reminded him of the rules and regulations ordained by the government lately, the more he became adamant in demanding additional pence and also began to jeer at and curse upon the decision of the government! He even threatened about getting no single CNG-run auto-rickshaw on the street in the coming days if we do not swallow up their deserving exigency. Compelled and embarrassed, I had to pay him what he demanded.

While our legislators are trying to abate the sufferings and harassment of the city-dwellers on streets, this type of mischievous CNG-run cab and auto-rickshaw drivers are, on the other side, found busy inventing new ways of bullying, compelling the passengers to meet their unlawful demand and blocking the transportation privileges as well!

Ashim Kumar Paul
Government Edward College


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