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      Volume 10 |Issue 16 | April 22, 2011 |


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"Those who plundered Tk 20,000 crore from the share market and siphoned the money out of the country are the evil spirits of West Pakistani exploiters."
Gono Forum President
about the share-market plunderers.

"There is nothing in the policy which is against the holy Quran . . . I think the propaganda launched by Amini is the part of a campaign to frustrate the successes of the present government and stall trial of the 1971 war criminals."
Bangladesh Economic Association President
about "vested groups" who are opposing the women development policy.

"We are deeply concerned about the safety of our leaders. The Safe Home is in an area, which is considered a ruling party stronghold."
Jamaat acting secretary general
about their leaders to be quizzed at a "safe home" in Dhanmondi instead of Dhaka Central Jail for links to war crimes.

"After hearing her statements regarding the cases, we won't be wrong if we suspect that all recent verdicts in the courts were given following her [Prime Minister's] direction."
BNP standing committee member
about prime minister's comment that the proceedings of cases against Tarique and Koko should be accelerated.

"So when people ask me why aren't you doing something, well I'm not going to lower to his level. I'm not going to do the kind of warfare that he's doing. My job's to help the population."
Nato's Canadian Lt Gen
about Col Gaddafi's forces' alleged underhand and immoral tactics in their seven-week campaign to dislodge the rebels from the city.

"The United Nations says the excerpts ... don't include some of the more positive aspects of the government's conduct, but that really doesn't change these damning findings."
Al Jazeera's correspondent at the UN
about UN report that war crimes were possibly committed by both the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers during the decades-long civil conflict in Sri Lanka.


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