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     Volume 10 |Issue 18 | May 13, 2011 |


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Star Diary

Brought It On

Photo: Zahedul I Khan

A few weeks ago, there was this article in the Star Magazine, titled 'Bring It On', which motivated women in general and me in particular, to retaliate every form of eve-teasing or sexual harassment I face. I was really inspired by that article and had decided not to let any man get away with any such criminal act; I had decided to react and insult or hurt the person who harasses me next time. So, the other day, I was walking on the footpath near Farmgate when a man walked past me saying something too inappropriate to write here. I realised this was my opportunity to do something against all those sick people who find harassing people amusing. So I turned around, picked up a piece of brick from the footpath and called the guy with an angry 'hey'. The man turned around and I threw the brick piece at him with all my strength. He dodged and missed the hit by inches. Then the funniest thing happened. The guy was scared, he ran like the coward that he was, as fast as he could. I didn't follow him; I just enjoyed the scene: an idiotic person who thinks he has the 'power' to say anything inappropriate to anyone anywhere, couldn't even take a reaction of his action. I smiled and imprinted the triumphant moment in my memory. Thanks to the writer of 'Bring It On' and I hope I am not the only one she inspired.

Ilham Khan
Viquarunnisa Noon College, Dhaka


A Different Encounter with RAB

I still vividly remember the incident that happened when I was returning from Azimpur to my home riding a bike. As usual there was a long tailback of traffic on my road-side way. Seeing the next lane empty I decided to take the wrong lane to avoid the traffic jam and reach my destination faster. As I followed the wrong side, I saw a car coming from the opposite direction. I flashed the passing light at them to give me some space so that I could go through easily but it was not to be. Sensing a head-on collision I moved a bit to the right but found the car following me to that direction. I became a bit confused and with a little space available that I found I overtook the car. The car was of a RAB personnel and one of them was shouting at me to stop my bike. I was a bit shocked seeing them and did not know whether to stop or not. My instinct was telling me not to stop for a moment and get away from them as soon as possible. This I did in no time because I knew if I had stopped my bike, I might have to receive some sort of punishment from them. Luckily I escaped that encounter with no trouble on me.

Mohammed Hifzur Rahman (Aman)
Kayettuli, Dhaka

The Wicked Truth

It was at about 3 am when I heard my sister shouting at my niece from the other room. I was shocked to find them awake so late. I ran into their room and found my little teenager niece who is at present an eighth grader of a renowned “English Version” school in Dhaka, was STUDYING! My dear niece was studying at 4 am! While I being a sophomore have never studied after 2 am in the morning. And my beloved sister was shouting at her for not going to bed. My niece on the other hand kept on studying and when I asked her what exam she had that very day, she didn't even reply! Well she had Science the next day and she had to study 12 chapters. I was stunned for the third time that night! Seriously what is happening to this country? eighth graders, who're just kids! It's their time to play. Not study up to 4 am and sit for “Junior School Certificate” exam at the year end! Yet it is a very good way to reduce the population. As in more pressure=more depression=more child death. A round of applause to our policy makers! I salute you for making such an amazing education system where you try to kill your future citizens.

Rianna Tazwi
NSU, Dhaka


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