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       Volume 10 |Issue 18 | May 13, 2011 |


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Where Anything is Possible

Shah Husain Imam

In 2004 Dutch Marjan van Lier visited Bangladesh for the first time and got the opportunity to meet street children in the shelters of the NGO Padakhep. In a play in which the children mimed different professions. They did not get anything further than 'sweeper', a policeman, vegetable cutter and stone chopper. She was surprised and shocked and realised that these children hardly ever get a fair deal from life. She started the foundation Sharing Art and invited choreographers of the Nederlands Dans Theater. They danced several times a year for three years with the children. This ended up with a big performance with six international dancers and 70 children in the Winter Garden of the Sheraton Hotel. Of course after that all wanted to be was to be dancers. So she thought of something more practical.

Photo: Sima Akter

Dutch hairstylists started a school and since then numerous boys and girls, who lived on the streets have now found jobs in hairdressing. Many professionals including photographers, inspired by their enthusiasm, followed their activities and revelled in their progress. The next step can be, to start a local photo club which the best of these boys and girls can join during the rest of the year.

Here is an example of how children view their environment with the help of cameras. Colour being the basic theme the children took pictures of whatever they thought, added colour to life.


Photo: Azafar
Photo: Shaheen


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