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     Volume 10 |Issue 19 | May 20, 2011 |


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Star Diary

Photo: Zahedul I Khan

Raining Bricks

One of the common scenes that could be seen in almost every corner of Dhaka city is buildings under construction. So many buildings are being constructed at the same time that it is not only harming the environment with sound and other forms of pollution, but it is also making life of the people around the sites miserable and risky. The other day my friend and I were waking through an alley where a number of construction works are going on. As we were walking, suddenly a brick fell right beside my friend, missing his head by an inch. He leaped backward when another brick fell directly on his leg and he was severely injured. The people nearby gathered and started shouting, but there was no response and the guards restricted us from collecting any information about the owner. Then, I along with the people around rushed my friend to the hospital and luckily the injury was not too serious. Some serious actions should be taken against this kind of reckless activities otherwise we all will have to wear a helmet while walking in the streets.

Rahim A Sajwani
North South University

Lack of cooperation

A few days ago, I had to take my elder brother to hospital to change the bandage over his injury that he had sustained in a motorbike accident. We took a rickshaw and as we reached our destination, I took out a fifty-taka note and asked the rickshaw-puller for the change. But he did not have the change. Although, he asked for a change from people, no one was interested to help him.

Then I went to a confectionary and tried to convince the store manager of our emergency. But he refused and told me that he did not have any change. When nothing worked, suddenly I asked the man whether he would give me the change if I bought a packet of chips.

He seemed to hesitate a little and said to me, "Let me check the drawer again."

To my surprise, this time he found the change. Actually, it is very difficult to find a selfless giving in this selfish age. These days nobody stands by each other in there hour of need as long as one can ensure his own interest there. Even, without personal benefit nobody is interested to walk a single step for one.

So, if the condition of our morality and humanity is this, where our society is going to end up!

Md Mazharul Islam
Kashiful Uloom Madrasha
Madhupur ,Tangail

Fortune Favours the Brave

Photo:Zahedul I Khan

A few days ago, I was out at the New Market, shopping. Suddenly a man pinched me on the behind. I turned around and saw the man who did this atrocious thing and to my surprise I found him shopping with his young son. I followed the person until he stopped at a store and then I asked his son who his mother was. The boy pointed to his mother and I told the lady what her husband had done. The woman immediately turned to his husband who was already listening to our conversation and had turned quite pale. I frankly told the lady that I was not a person who would follow someone all the way just to tell a lie. I did this because her husband didn't just humiliate and molest me in public, he also taught their son a bad lesson about treating women. The wife seemed furious but didn't create any scene in public. But the man was scared and I could tell from his expression that he never thought someone would do that. I humiliated a pervert in front of his son and wife, not just out of vengeance, I did it so that the little boy who saw his father molesting a woman, wouldn't think a man could get away with that; the boy needed to know that what his father did was a loathsome act which is punishable. I couldn't believe a man could be so driven by his fetish that he would forget he's a father.

Zulfia Nahar


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