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     Volume 10 |Issue 22 | June 10, 2011 |


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Star Diary

Students' Bus Fare

Nowadays, the main persecution for the mass public in Dhaka city is bus fare. A number of students are studying in this city and they have to tour different types of place regularly. Some educational intuitions have their own vehicles but they are not sufficient. For this they have to travel by public bus. Because of the increased fuel price, the bus fare has raised to two or three fold, which is illegal. Students, who usually do not earn much, are facing great trouble traveling around the city, on a regular basis. Fighting and debating between bus staffs and passengers have become very common in the bus. Sometimes, the helpers of the bus behave roughly with the students which is not acceptable. So, under this circumstance I hope that our Ministry of communication, the authority of BRTA and owners of the public transports, i.e. bus- take it seriously and arrange separate tickets with tolerable prices for the students.

Bipul K Debnath
Dhaka College, Dhaka

Harassment through Facebook

I feel sorry for those teachers who have Facebook groups against their names. The other day as I signed into my Facebook profile I found myself tagged in a photo. The tagged photo was of my friend, who is a teacher in a reputed English medium school. When I was about to comment on the photo, to my utter shock I found a lot of unwanted and cheap comments made by other people who were also tagged in the photo. I called and informed my friend about this, to which she replied that it's her students who had done this and there are a few other groups on her name created by the students. These students encourage other students to post all types of indecent comments to make fun of the teachers they don't like. Although few of the groups are closed by now, the school authority cannot take any punitive measure as the creators of such groups remain anonymous. Mentioning the above sad incidence I would like to draw the attention of our education minister and want to ask him what type of actions, policy & guideline our government would be taking now for these teachers (I suppose none of them would be reading it or even if they do they would not be bothered to take any action!). How about the rights and dignity of these teachers who face humiliation through this type of popular social network site because of some ill-mannered & uncultured students who do not know how to respect the teachers?

Mohammed Hifzur Rahman (Aman)
Kayettuli, Dhaka

Astonishing Honesty

A few days ago, I went to the cinema with some friends where I lost my wallet at the entrance. I had around five thousand taka cash in the wallet. I was so upset and worried that I barely watched the movie. When the movie ended and I was on my way out, a shabby looking man asked me whether I had lost anything. Surprised, I told him about my lost wallet and he said he had found it and recognised me from a photo in my wallet. I found the cash intact in my wallet when he handed it to me. This person was selling tickets in black in front of the cinema hall. Usually, we think such kind of people are supposed to be unscrupulous. But this particular man overcame his greed and his honesty and touch with humanity astonished me. Most people, perhaps, wouldn't have taken the trouble to return something precious that actually belonged to someone else.

Rafiqul Islam
Mohammadpur, Dhaka

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