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     Volume 10 |Issue 22 | June 10, 2011 |


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"Rubbish, totally rubbish. If the CPD said so, it is very unfair, wicked and politically motivated. I am sorry."
Finance Minister
about Centre for Policy Dialogue's comment that the economy is likely to grow by 6.2-6.3 percent, not 6.7 percent as estimated by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics.

"An individual said this. He is a cadre of Awami League. What is the importance of his demand?"
BNP Chairperson
about the FBCCI president's call to withdraw hartal on behalf of the business community.

"We came to know that the Jamaat, through Mir Kasem Ali, appointed the lobbyist to protect the party against the government's ongoing process to try war criminals, due to which several top Jamaat leaders are now behind bars."
Awami League lawmaker
about the Jamaat leader, Mir Kashem Ali who siphoned off of about $25 million to the United States to sign a contract with a consultancy firm there.

"Everything will be the same...FIFA is a big museum and they are dinosaurs who do not want to give up power."
Argentine footballer
about the unopposed re-election of 75-year-old Sepp Blatter as FIFA president for another four years.

"Unfortunately we are forced to acknowledge the spread of a secularisation which leads to the exclusion of God from life and the increasing disintegration of the family, specially in Europe."
Catholic religious leader
about the spread of secular values in Europe.

"He had an unbelievable personality. He loved children and he was really good with the elderly in retirement homes."
Owner of Shrek, a New Zealand sheep
on occasion of the death of the sheep, giant fleece - enough to make 20 large men's suits - was auctioned off in 2004 for children's medical charities.


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