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    Volume 10 |Issue 26 | July 08, 2011 |


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Make Mango a Must

Photo: Anisur Rahman

Scorching heat of summer might welcome a number of sicknesses and discomforts for the people of tropical countries. Interestingly, it is the summer that compensates us for such woes with delight. Mango, the magic of summer is not just a juicy and pulpy fruit we hanker after. Mango has various health benefits and we love mango without even knowing them.

In tropical countries the ratio of heat stroke often goes higher; many might not know that besides avoiding exposure to sun and heat another remedy can be eating mango with salt. This might help one to overcome excessive thirst which will help to reduce the risk of heat stroke. The heat of the sun coupled with frequent power cuts, traffic jams, and air pollution will make one to sweat a lot, feel like vomiting, and reduce urination. The summer fruit mango has solution for all these problems.   

Nutritionally rich mango can meet one's entire day's need of vitamin C. A piece of sour mango with salt and honey can help to overcome loose motion, constipation and indigestion. According to various online sources, mango contains enzyme with stomach soothing properties. This enzyme helps us to digest well and give a kind of comfort to the stomach. To avoid jaundice and other liver and stomach complications one can have mango pieces mixed with a little bit of black pepper and honey. Again, one bowl of mango juice with a touch of pepper will work as an energy-pack. Further, regular consumption of mango gives a natural glow to skin and it also improves the immune system of the body.

Mango, both green and ripe, is also rich of pre-biotic dietary fibres, minerals and anti-oxidants. Research has found that dietary fibre protect body from degenerative diseases, especially with regard to cardiac complications. It also helps to lower blood cholesterol level. An average sized mango can contain up to 40 percent of one's daily fibre requirement.

Anti-oxidant reduces the risk of cancer. Mango is rich in a kind of a potent antioxidant that works to protect cells and prevent the growth of tumour in body. Fresh mango contains a good amount of potassium. Potassium, an essential component of cell and body fluids, helps heart rate and blood pressure to remain accordingly.

If anyone wants to cut the consumption of calories s/he can pick mangoes. Per 100 gram of fresh fruit provides 765 mg or 25 percent of recommended daily levels of vitamin A. According to USDA Nutrient Database for standard reference, per 100 gram mango has 17 g carbohydrates, 14.8 g sugars, 1.8 g dietary fibre, 0.27 g fat and 0.51 g protein.

Not only for its luscious taste and mouth watering flavour but also for its high nutrition value, mango is the king of fruits indeed. Thus, do not hold yourself back from enjoying mangoes indiscriminately green or ripe and also from getting the natural source of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, do include mango in your daily diet.

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