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    Volume 10 |Issue 28 | July 22, 2011 |


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Annoying Allergens

The best remedy for allergy is to avoid unnecessary exposure to certain allergens. Photo: farhana urmee

Despite having a sound health, some of us, might suffer from sneezing, itchy eyes-throat-nose, watery and red eyes, runny and stuffy nose, fever, irritation and vomiting every now and then. These simple diseases, better to say discomforts, often sneak into our body as a result of exposure to allergens. Allergies are the environmental substances that might harm you by infecting your body and hampering its functional order. Allergies are excessive reaction of the immune system of one's body when it comes into contact with the allergens existing in the environment.

Insect string, animal dander, feather and intake of particular food can also make your immune system respond in an exaggerated manner and might cause skin irritation, vomiting, abdominal pain and often a fever. Interestingly, allergens are quite harmless to non-allergic people.

Some airborne allergens, dust and spores, can affect your body when it is exposed to particular type of air which has such particles. After coming into contact with the allergen particles you can see the allergic symptoms in your body. Such allergies, inhaled generally, can also cause asthma in the long run. Therefore, it is wise to stay away from places with allergens in the air as it can attack you anytime. The best idea is to identify the allergens to which your body is susceptible the most. Not all allergens affect everyone as the strength of one's immune system and its responsiveness to allergens varies from person to person. Moreover, constant exposure to a particular allergen can also make you desensitised to the particular type of allergen. In fact, one of the therapies to treat allergic diseases pursues the method of repeated exposure to certain allergens which tend to distress certain bodies.

Allergies can develop at any age and allergies can also leave you any time. One's body is not defenceless to a particular type of allergen for the whole life. Besides, there is the risk that the person develops other allergic diseases in different span of life. One might inherit allergies from parents or one might become allergic just because of the over exposure to environmental factors that cause allergies. Allergies can also be triggered by a few toxins in the environment, use of certain kinds of drugs and exposure to latex. Again, a number of bacteria and viruses also prompt allergic reaction in certain people.

Other than after getting your immune system to be invaded by certain allergens, you can diagnose yourself to know whether you are an allergic (to certain particles) or not. Skin testing, blood testing and other sorts of testing like examining your body's reaction by exposing it to certain allergens might help you to know about your allergies and taking remedies as well. The best remedy is, obviously, to avoid unnecessary exposure to certain allergens. There are numbers of drugs that are used to block the action of allergic intermediaries in your body and give you relief from immediate allergic reactions like rashes, irritation, vomiting and sneezing. Again, a few home remedies can also be adapted to cure allergic diseases naturally. Having a cup of Tulsi tea or inhaling menthol steam can help you to get rid of unwanted cough and sneezing without any side effect.



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