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       Volume 10 |Issue 30 | August 05, 2011 |


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Unmasking The Predator

What happened in Viqarunnisa Noon School (VNS) is undoubtedly a horrible shock for us, The culprit, Porimol Joydhor, has committed a crime that is unacceptable from a teacher, who is supposed to be a guide, guardian and role model for his students. Since childhood, we have heard that teaching is a noble profession and people in this profession live with dignity, honour and are well respected by the society. Porimol's crime will destroy the reputation of all the individuals in this profession. They will be looked upon with suspicion and parents will think twice before sending their children to them. Furthermore, it will make it difficult for teachers to be themselves around their students and to show them affection, no matter how appropriate. People will lose respect for teachers in general. The heinous act of one person has ruined the careers of others who are innocent.

The likes of Porimol should be identified and thrown into prison for life. A person with no moral values has no right to be in the teaching profession. I think most teachers are conscious of their ethical and moral principles and they should not be made to suffer for Porimol's actions. I am protesting this incident of molestation along with all the VNS girls and their parents and waiting to see exemplary punishment given to the culprit for ruining so many lives.

Dalim Howlader
Landmark College
Nikunja, Dhaka

Stop coaching!

Photo: Star File

'Stop coaching' has become a popular slogan after the sexual assault of a student of Viqarunnisa Noon School. Every year, the percentage of students who pass the different certificate exams is rising and getting higher GPAs (grade point average) than before. But it is unfortunate that the quality of the education is not developing in comparison with success rate. Readymade notes available for sale or guidebooks, tuition and coaching systems are destroying the creativity of our students. They have become too dependent on private tutors and coaching. They are reading and memorising those sheets or notes, which are given by their private tutor, or coaching centres. Our school and college teachers are also liable for this. They are not teaching in class properly because they want students to go to them after school for extra help.

I think what we need to do is ensure proper education within the classrooms in school. If extra help is needed even after that, then it can be provided in a safe environment.

Shahadat Hossain
Department of Communication and Journalism
University of Chittagong

Photo: Zahedul I Khan

The Cost of Education

Bangladesh is trying to improve its education system. But it seems to lack improvement in one particular area. The cost of education is increasing and poor children now have to face more obstacles to gain an education. Even middle class families are struggling to buy a sound education. But for the former, there remains no option but to drop out of the schools.

There are also other hindrances preventing less privileged children from studying such as the lack of charitable schools. But there are solutions to these problems. Schools that have sufficient resources could provide these poor children with a small amount of time and space to educate them on their campuses. I am sure that these extra classes for the poor children would not be too much of a burden to these schools. Just two or three classes each week for a few hours would help these children.

There are other poor children working in people's homes for shelter and money. Some don't even have a home and live on the streets. These children are not always able to go to the few charitable institutions that provide free schooling. However, if all the schools in the city would share the responsibility to educate them, they would not only be giving hope to these children, but also giving hope to the future of our country.

Instead of creating more charitable educational institutions and using already existing schools to supply education to the poor children of the country, we can make this goal easier to achieve and more affordable for everyone. Schools and institutions are already providing charity to the poor. But this money only exists temporarily. We can make these funds permanent by using the money to educate these disadvantaged children. Let's not waste any time in securing our country's future. These children need our help and need it now. If all schools started this practice, it could change the face our entire nation.

Zarin Tasnim Ahmed

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