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           Volume 10 |Issue 33 | August 26, 2011 |


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Star Diary

Unbridled Price Hike during Eid

After a long time I went to a market to buy some necessaries for me and my family. I chose some dresses and I did not believe my eyes when I looked at their price which was twice as much as the previous rate just a few months ago. I asked the shopkeeper if he could explain the reason. “The rate has been fixed by the company considering the occasion of Eid, we have nothing to do with this,” he replied. Finding no other alternative, I had to buy those at that inflated price. Then I called a CNG to return home. As I told him where to go, he demanded at least 40 taka more than the previous rate. I asked him why he had wanted more. He replied that CNG fare increased during Eid period. I really don't know why this happens. The government increases the price of CNG only a few taka per litre whereas the CNG drivers demand a lot of extra money. It is impossible for an unemployed person to fulfil their demand. Who will take the responsibility to check this unacceptable price hike?

Md Arshad Ali
Department of Physics
University of Chittagong

Kids are also Licensed to Drive

A couple of months back I was returning home from Mirpur after watching a cricket match of Bangladesh. As I could not find any public transport and it was getting very late at night I had to take a local bus to reach my destination. Entering the bus I was surprised to see a boy, in his teens, driving the bus. It was very clear to me that the boy neither had a driving license nor any proper training. I became more terrified to watch him talking over the mobile and driving recklessly at the same time, so I shouted and told him not to talk while driving. But he did not pay any attention rather was busy in his conversation. As I reached my place I was the most relieved person getting out of the bus.

I think now its very crucial time for the government to take high measures on the safety of roads and public transport in our country.Its a real shame that many bright sons and lots of innocent people have their life taken away in the form of untimely accidents on roads because of reckless driving.

Tausif Choudhury
Segun Bagicha

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