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        Volume 10 |Issue 34 | September 09, 2011 |


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Globalisation Through the Photographer's Lens

Raqeebul Ketan

One Brand to Unite Them All,

Globalisation, a powerful yet often less understood topic of recent times, is an undeniable truth for us all. Be it in the repugnant chemicals in a tannery in some third world country, courtesy of cheap labour cost, or in the sublime textures of Louis Vuitton of some fashion conscious consumer, courtesy of insatiable first world consumerism; the effects of a diminishing world are ubiquitous.

Globalisation: A Bipolar Story is a joint endeavour by the world-renowned research university, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Bangladeshi Photographers (BP) to put globalisation though the photographer's lens. The purpose of this two-phased exhibition is to bring together the work and perspectives of young photographers on this though provoking issue, globalisation, from two contrasting corners of the world. Raqeebul I. Ketan, an undergraduate engineering student at MIT and a member of Bangladeshi Photographers, started this initiative with the support of Student Arts Association at MIT. His proposal won the CAMIT Grant (Council for the Arts at MIT) for its potential to promote photography as a medium of expression on contemporary issues. Later, SAA (Student Art Association at MIT) formed a partnership with Bangladeshi Photographers to implement the first leg of the exhibition in Bangladesh. The first leg of the two-phased exhibition takes place in Dhaka Art Center (House#60, Road#7/A, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205) and will be open to visitors from September 9 through September 13 (3pm-8pm).The inauguration ceremony will take place on September 9 at 4pm in Dhaka Art Center. The second leg will be hosted at the Wiesner Art Gallery at MIT from November 7 till November 15 later this year.

Globalisation – A Bipolar Story focuses on the widely varied impacts of globalisation, from economic division and climate change to culture fusion and merging markets, in two parts of the world with very different development indices. Through the exhibitions, students, alumni and affiliates of MIT and colleges in the greater Boston area, some of the most privileged group of individuals in the world, showcase photographs that reflect their perceptions of globalisation. Similarly, young photographers from Bangladesh represent their understanding of the same issue. The organisers hope that the exhibitions will encourage young photographers and visitors to think critically about globalisation, a multifaceted concept. Consequently, the well-established idea of globalisation as the process of transcending boundaries to create a more unified globe will be challenged and examined.

Organisers expect that the exercise of thinking, photographing and writing on globalisation would encourage participants to be creative and to combine multiple skills. Photographers include brief descriptions of their work, focusing the pertinence of their work with globalisation. Since the same set of photographers will be displayed on both exhibitions, Bangladeshi participants will benefit from this opportunity to showcase their work in an international forum. Both the exhibitions will feature seminars and discussion sessions on globalisation. The exhibitions should serve as platforms for the visitors and participants to discuss the curses, cures and blessings of global markets, capital flow, brand loyalties and culture fusion.

Mohammad Rakibul Hasan, Climate Migration.


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