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      Volume 10 |Issue 34 | September 09, 2011 |


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"The people who are staging demonstration at Shaheed Minar did not go to their village homes. How could they know it was not possible to go to their village homes?"
Prime Minister
about the demonstration at the Shaheed Minar demanding the resignation of the Communications Minister on account of the dilapidated conditions of the roads and highways.

"She was very unhappy over the use of children as a tool of protest on Eid day and the act of hanging placards around their necks."
cabinet minister
about prime minister's chagrin regarding the protest on Eid-day at the Shaheed Minar.

"I am a proven honest man."
Communications Minister
about allegations brought against him by former US ambassador James F Moriarty terming him as “less than a honest man” as published by WikiLeaks.

"The documents sent by the ministry are inadequate to evaluate its transparency. TIB has not enough scope to conduct investigations required to evaluate and certify transparency of the ministry."
executive director of Transparency International Bangladesh
about communications minister's claim that he communicates all development-related decisions to TIB to ensure transparency in the ministry.

"I am vegetarian . . . (but) I am willing to make that exception (about my vegetarian status)."
Indian prime minister
about tasting the widely talked about deliciousness of Bangladesh's hilsa.

"If Libya goes up in flames, who will be able to govern it? Let it burn."
Libyan leader
about carrying on the battle as world leaders freed up billions of dollars to help Libya's new rulers rebuild a nation torn by 42 years of one-man rule and six months of civil war.


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