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           Volume 10 |Issue 38 | October 07, 2011 |


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Star Diary

Supermarkets in Dhaka

As news of adulterated foods made headlines during the Ramadan, we decided to buy most of the food items from the supermarkets even after Eid. A few days ago, I bought several items including a loaf of bread from a supermarket at Dhanmondi 27 Number Road. While eating breakfast the next day, my younger sister started screaming all of a sudden and when everyone enquired, she pointed her finger to a dead cockroach pasted right at one side of a slice of bread. Since then, everybody in our family has lost faith in the supermarkets. If this is the truth about the supermarkets, then where should people go for healthy and unadulterated food?

Nadia Ahmed
Dhanmondi, Dhaka



The Tale of an Old Man

The other day I was going back home from my office. It was close to 6 in the afternoon. As usual, there was heavy traffic on the roads. I was under the Mohakhali Flyover, trying to catch a bus. As a bus pulled in nearby, a crowd of people began fighting with each other in front of the bus door to get in. Suddenly, someone gripped my hand. Surprised, I looked behind to find a bearded old man with an angular face. He said to me, “Son, can you please help me get into the bus? I've been vainly trying since a long time.” Unexpected as it was, I decided at once to help the man and came to know that he was trying to go somewhere near the airport. An Uttara-bound bus arrived there shortly and I, holding him by the hand, tried to elbow our way through a sea of marauding people. However, the man was too weak to make it into the bus. I became frustrated at first, but I decided not to give in. As the next bus came, both of us tried harder and this time we got through to somehow get inside. Although I didn't get a seat, the old man was lucky enough to get one. Before getting down from the bus, he told me that he prayed a lot for me out of gratitude. In the end, it became obvious that only the muscular young people can win the battle for getting a seat in a bus. I wonder when it would be possible for every citizen to get access to easy transport.

Md Mokarrom Hossian
Lecturer, BRAC University

Woo the Zoo for Better Management

After visiting the Dhaka National Zoo the last time, I firmly stand against the idea that it is one of the most important as well as interesting tourist spots. While visiting there, I found mismanagement everywhere. Animals did not look very healthy, and a stench seemed to have pervaded the whole area. However, we the visitors are also responsible for that. Still, some places inside the zoo are really impressive because of scenic beauty. Bird lovers love to visit this place in winter. Briefly speaking, this place together with its huge collection of animals can surely be turned into the most beautiful sight in the city. Despite financial crunch on the part of the authority, I believe all we need for that is efficient management.

Kazi Istiaque Ahmed
East West University, Dhaka


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