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           Volume 10 |Issue 45 | December 01, 2011 |


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Star Diary

Crook with a hook

Nowadays, people do not hesitate to spend a huge amount of money on security. Most of the residential apartments now provide exceptional security by installing high-tech security systems. As a result, the loud choir we use to hear in the middle of the night when a thief would break into an apartment has vanished. However, necessity is the mother of invention; the thieves have come up with new ideas to tackle this. It would not have come to my knowledge until the other day while I was rearranging my room I realised that few of my clothes and other electronic devices have disappeared and surprisingly I found that the windows I had locked before sleeping were open in the morning.

When such things occurred a few more times, I decided to talk to our building's security guard about it. I could not believe my ears when he told me that the crooks use a hook to pull the clothes through the window and use a magnet tied with a string to steal small metal objects. On hearing about the genius of these modern thieves, I was amazed, as this type of theft has proved that the human brain has the ability to overcome all barriers.

Rahim Abu Ali Sajwani
North South University

The Pride of a Freedom Fighter

A few days back I was going to college by rickshaw. I was in a hurry since I was getting late for my class. So, it really annoyed me when the rickshaw puller was pulling the rickshaw very slowly. I requested him to pull a bit faster. But he did not pay me any heed. Suddenly I noticed that the rickshaw-puller was pulling the rickshaw with only one hand. And the other sleeve of his shirt was blowing in the wind. I was worried that he might have an accident any time. However, he managed to safely drop me off at my college. Then I gave him a note of Tk100 and told him to keep the change. But, he was unwilling to keep it. He returned me the changes and said; "Ami akjon muktijoddha maa, mehnot koira khai" (I am a freedom fighter; I work to earn my bread).

Hats off to this freedom fighter who does not want to live upon others' mercy despite being a handicap. If I ever get a chance once more to meet him, I will never forget to salute him.

Sharmin Akther
Departmentof English
Chittagong College

Where is our sense of humanity?

The other day I was passing the Mohakhali TnT slum area by rickshaw; I was in hurry to catch my class, as I was already late. That is when I saw an old man walking with the support of a stick; he looked so tired. Suddenly he slipped and fell to the ground. This incident happened just beside me. Some rickshaw-puller ran to him to help him, and I was just watching. Everyday I see how people live in the slums. But I have no feeling for them, as I am used to seeing this since childhood. But after passing that road I suddenly asked myself, "What have I done? I should have helped that person!" Then I realised that I had no humanity left in me, otherwise I would have helped that person. I felt very ashamed.

Kazi Aurnab

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