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   Volume 10 |Issue 46 | December 09, 2011 |


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"Those who in the name of civil society raise voice for democracy do not always play the role in favour of democracy. Sometimes, the activities of the civil society have made military dictators in the country the beneficiaries."
Prime Minister
about some civil society members.

"You have successfully intimidated my lawyers."
BNP leader
about the presence of only 15 out of his 250 lawyers at the International War Crimes Tribunal, claiming that some of them went into hiding after receiving threats from tribunal chairman Justice Nizamul Huq.

"Have any accused at the tribunals in Nuremberg, Tokyo, Cambodia, Yugoslavia or any other tribunal been able to raise such demands? "
National Human Rights Commission Chairman
about BNP leader Salauddin Quader Chowdhury raising a seven-point demand at the courtroom.

"We are back with full satisfaction that it [Tipaimukh project] will not do any harm to us; rather it will be good for us."
Foreign affairs adviser to the prime minister
about the Tipaimukh dam in India, claiming that it would have no adverse environmental impact on Bangladesh.

"I don't want them to misunderstand that the Khmer Rouge are bad people, are criminals. Nothing is true about that."
Pol Pot's deputy
about his role during Khmer Rouge's four-year rule, which left as many as two million Cambodians dead.

"In the 15th amendment to the constitution, it defined the 54 indigenous groups of the country as Bangalees in terms of nationality. This reflected the party's extreme communal identity."
chairman of Parbatya Chattagram Jana Sanghati Samity (PCJSS)
about government's apathy regarding implementing the Chittagong Hill Tract (CHT) Accord.

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