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     Volume 10 |Issue 47 | December 16, 2011 |


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Division of Dhaka

It is so regrettable that DCC has been divided into two parts without the opinion of lawmakers and high officials of DCC. The government has taken this decision based on the votes of a majority of parliament members. But specialists suggest that it's a belligerent decision of the government and that it may face severe repercussions for implementing this Act. Even some AL leaders are opposing this decision, even if they cannot be very vocal about it. The opposition party (BNP) has said that it's an unconstitutional and autocratic move on the part of the government. Due to the division, the cost of the DCC will raise but who will bear these additional expenses? Now we can only wait for the consequences.

Sanjoy Mondal
Eastern University, Dhaka

The Struggle for Space

Last week's cover story had a very different style from the usual cover stories of STAR and I found the change refreshing. It was insightful and serious, yet light and accessible for general readers. It managed to highlight numerous urgent issues related to space within its short length. As a student of urban planning, I commend the writer for her efforts because it is not often that these issues are brought to the limelight. However, I wish she had talked about the community spaces or lack thereof in urban slums. What does open public space mean to people who do not have ANY access to private space? What are their claims over these spaces that still predominantly “belong” to the middle class?

Shiraj M Khan
Dhamondi, Dhaka

Photo: Zahedul I Khan

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