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     Volume 10 |Issue 48 | December 23, 2011 |


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Honouring the Warriors of Today

Fate could have played hard on Md Al-Amin, from Kagjipara village in Khulna's Dumuria Upazila. At the age of six, his father's death and his mother's consequential mental imbalance could have led Al-Amin to the darker paths of life. However, his determination to fight against fate helped him cross primary school. At the secondary level, payment of the mere Tk 45 monthly school fee, stood as a barrier between Al-Amin and his dreams. His teachers at KKKB Secondary School came to his rescue. Their earnest effort was rewarded by Al- Amin's Golden A-plus in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC).

Today, thanks to Prothom Alo Trust and Brac Bank Ltd, Amin is studying at Khulna Government MM City College and dreams of becoming a doctor someday. With stories of their personal victories, the 'Adommo Medhabi' arrived at the Prothom Alo office on December 16, 2011, at a reception ceremony, held in honour of their unconquerable spirit.

Prothom Alo has named them ‘Adommo Medhabi’ or indomitable talents, because these children brave the vicious circle of poverty, hostile environment and unfavourable circumstances to achieve distinction in education. In 2007, Prothom Alo had taken the initiative to sponsor the higher education of talented but underprivileged students who earned GPA-5 at SSC (Secondary School Certificate).

Prothom Alo's correspondents of the “Bishal Bangla” feature page, bring in news of these talented students who, in spite of sheer poverty and unfavourable circumstances, manage to redeive GPA -5. Prothom Alo's staff then finalise the list keeping in balance regional and gender considerations. The final recipients then receive Tk 1,500 per month for two years to complete their higher secondary education. Besides, they are also given Tk 2,500 to cover admission fee.

In 2009, Prothom Alo created a trust to ensure proper and transparent management of the fund created for the ‘Adommo Medhabi’. In 2010, Brac Bank Ltd signed a MOU with the trust, in order to sponsor two-years higher secondary education of GPA-5 students from needy backgrounds. This year 50 students have received stipends to complete their higher secondary studies.

If the scholarship recipients maintain their academic records in the higher secondary, they are encouraged to study further. Brac Bank Ltd will provide financial help amounting to a non-recurring grant of Tk 13,000 and monthly stipend of Tk 2,000 to continue four-year undergraduate education. Once these students pass with distinction they will also be eligible for a stipend to complete two-year graduate programme.

However, very few students out of the 203 talented minds, financed by the Brac Bank - Prothom Alo trust, have so far made it to the higher education system. One of them, Nupur Akhter is currently studying at the Barisal Medical College. Nupur receives Tk 3,000 per month to meet her educational expenses.

While the nation celebrate the 40th anniversary of Victory, Prothom Alo and Brac Bank Ltd, have honoured the courage and resolve of these children, who represent Bangladesh and the resilience of its people.

– The Star Desk


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