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    Volume 10 |Issue 48 | December 23, 2011 |


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"There is a syndicate which is the beneficiary of the loss. I termed it earlier as 'black cat'. I am after it."
Railway Minister
about Bangladesh Railways' huge burden of loss

"We cannot always rely on the police."
a minister of the present Awami League government
about his need for protection during Sunday's mayhem which he sought from Bangladesh Chhatra League activists rather than the police.

"What else we could do when we are not allowed to hold even a protest programme."
a mid-level BNP leader
about the Sunday violence in the city which unlike other times ensued at day-break without any warning.

"They will kill first and then start crying– this is their characteristic."
Prime Minister
about BNP's allegation that the AL government has taken up “secret killings” to gag the opposition.

"Everything is propaganda, opposition activists had no involvement in the incidents. It was carried out by ruling party operatives to create an opportunity for clamping down on the opposition."
BNP acting secretary general
about Sunday's mayhem in Dhaka and other cities, which is believed to be caused by the activists of the four-party alliance.

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